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    Gear for Success

    Bounce guides its player towards learning realistic and responsible behaviors that will help them develop a successful identity.  “Recognize your weakness and decide to make a change, and don’t allow your past shortcomings to hold you back.”

    Prosperity begins with a winning attitude

    It is important to encourage positive thinking for young adults because the core personality and habits of an individual is developed at childhood. So it is important that good habits and behaviors are encouraged before their shaped by our social environment.

    Mental Toughness

    As youth begin the transition from childhood to adulthood; they face a multitude of changes. one of which is taking responsibility for the many aspects of their lives.  BOUNCE defines it and gives them a solid foundation on which to form their individual attitudes for action.

    Game Changing Service

    Top Level Basketball Training


       -Develop your basketball Philosophy

       -Offensive & Defensive strategy

       -Dribbling and Passing Guidelines

       -Becomes a Proficient shooter "making the open shot"

       -Develop specific skills for your position

       -Learn to dictate the tempo and flow of the game

      -Fundamental development of knowledge, skills and self-    confidence



       -Assist clients in setting and achieving personal vision

       -Apply a behavior model or modification technique "if needed"

       -Teach the values and ethics of the game of Life

       -Parent Tutoring or development program for the family

    Public Speaker


      -Leadership and Communication

       -Body is a Temple, you only get one

       -No Excuse. Father to Son memoir

       -Self Improvement, love yourself

       -Recognizing Success from past failure



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